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Little Ethiopia
- Located on Fairfax Ave between Olympic & Pico

Los Angeles is a unique city as it officially recognizes a city neighborhood as "Little Ethiopia". Located 5 minutes east of Beverly Hills and 10 minutes south of Hollywood hills, 15 minutes Universal Studios, 15 minutes to Downtown L.A., 20 minutes to Santa Monica, Venice Beach and LAX on Fairfax Avenue this newest LA Ethnic enclave was christened in 2001.

Los Angeles as it is the second largest populated city in America behind New York City; it is also home to the second largest group of Ethiopians living in America behind Washington, DC. The Ethiopian population in LA county is unofficially estimated at over 60,000.

  Dawit from Merkato, Meshesha from Nile Travel, Getahun from Messob, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Fikre from Rosalind's, Birhanu from Messob and Councilman Jack Wise; In the back: Fisseha from Hibret Bank Money Transfer and Tariku from ESFNA LA Stars.

Ethiopians in Los Angeles are dispersed in all facets of life as business owners, college students, professionals and city employees. Business owners are not only located in the Little Ethiopia area; but in LAX area, Inglewood & Beverly Hills. The business they operate are not only restaurants and travel agencies, but real estate, printing, spas, franchise food stores, taxi operation, insurance, non-proftis and technology services.

Ethiopian Restaurants

Little Ethiopia is dominantly represented by the Restaurants found on both sides of Fairfax such as Nyala, Little Ethiopia, Rosalind's, Merkato, Harambe, Messob, Marathon, Rahel's Vegan and Genet. E & M Cafe, Carl Juniors and Starbucks add to the variety.

Besides Restaurants
Safari Ethiopian Clothings, Jah Lambs Clothing, Nile Travel Services, Antex Tax Services and Alem Hairdressers are also found here. There is also a string of antique furniture shops (where regularly "A class" celebs and their stalking paparazzi show up), photo supplies, medical supplies and elderly care services.
Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

(specific st: between Olympic & Witworth)
(major streets: between Pico & Wilshire)
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Association Members:
1. Amsale Fashion & Tailor
2. Antex Tax & Accounting
3. Aster's Hair Studio
4. Casa Victoria Furniture
5. E & M Cafe
6. Hansen's Cafe
7. Halale Market
8. Harambe Market
9. Helping Hand Thriftshop
10. Jah Lambs & Lions
11. Little Ethiopia Restaurant
12. Marathon Restaurant
13. Meals by Genet
14. Merkato, Inc.
15. Messob Restaurant
16. Nile Services
17. Nyala Restaurant
18. Rahel Veggie Cuisine
19. Regal Cake Gallery
20. Rosalinds Restaurant
21. Safari, The Ethiopian Store
22. Sunrise Adult Day HealthCare
23. Westaid Pharmacy
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Chamber of Commerce
Berhanu Asfaw - President
Fikre GebreMariam - Secretary
Fereed Mohammed - Treasurer
P.O. Box 351512
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 877-3530

Little Ethiopia Business Association Thanks
Honorable Herb Wesson Jr.
LA City District 10 Councilman
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